LEC Summer 2024 Week 3: Matches, Schedules, and Standings

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As Week 3 of the LEC Summer 2024 kicks off, Fnatic remains undefeated and has clinched a playoff spot, showcasing their dominance this season. In contrast, Rogue and MAD Lions find themselves at the bottom of the table, struggling to gain traction. This week promises thrilling matches and crucial shifts in standings, setting the stage for an exciting mid-season showdown.

Current Standings

1stLogo for FnaticFnatic5-0
2ndLogo for SK GamingSK Gaming4-1
↓↓3rdLogo for Team BDSTeam BDS4-1
4thLogo for G2 EsportsG2 Esports3-2
↑↑5thLogo for Team VitalityTeam Vitality2-3
6thLogo for Team HereticsTeam Heretics2-3
↓↓7thLogo for Karmine CorpKarmine Corp2-3
8thLogo for GIANTXGIANTX1-4
↓↓9thLogo for MAD Lions KOIMAD Lions KOI1-4
↓↓9thLogo for RogueRogue1-4

There was quite a bit of movement this week as the rankings begin to take shape. The headline news is that Fnatic at 5-0 have secured their spot in the Playoffs regardless of how the rest of the weeks go. On the other side of the coin MAD Lion and Rogue drop to the bottom of the table with disappointing results.

Match-Ups & Schedule

: BDS vs. Rogue

: Heretics vs. SK Gaming

: Vitality vs. GIANTX

: G2 vs. Karmine

: MAD Lions vs. Fnatic

: Rogue vs. Heretics


: Fnatic vs. G2

: SK Gaming vs. MAD Lions

: Karmine vs. Vitality


No roster changes this week as everything remains the same.

Hover or click on team logo for player information.

Logo for Fnatic

Flag for ES Oscarinin
Flag for ES Razork
Flag for CZ Humanoid
Flag for KR Noah
Flag for KR Jun

Logo for G2 Esports

Flag for DE BrokenBlade
Flag for SE Yike
Flag for DK Caps
Flag for FR Hans Sama
Flag for SI Mikyx

Logo for GIANTX

Flag for ES Th3Antonio
Flag for KR Juhan
Flag for CZ Jackies
Flag for CZ Patrik
Flag for KR IgNar

Logo for Karmine Corp

Flag for KR Canna
Flag for TR Closer
Flag for GR Vladi
Flag for DE Upset
Flag for BE Targamas

Logo for MAD Lions KOI

Flag for ES Myrwn
Flag for ES Elyoya
Flag for PL Fresskowy
Flag for ES Supa
Flag for ES Alvaro

Logo for Rogue

Flag for SE Finn
Flag for NL Markoon
Flag for SE Larssen
Flag for GR Comp
Flag for FR Zoelys

Logo for SK Gaming

Flag for DE Irrelevant
Flag for FR Isma
Flag for BE Nisqy
Flag for KR Rahel
Flag for KR Luon

Logo for Team BDS

Flag for FR Adam
Flag for FR Sheo
Flag for FR nuc
Flag for KR Ice
Flag for GR Labrov

Logo for Team Heretics

Flag for DK Wunder
Flag for PL Jankos
Flag for PL Zwyroo
Flag for ES Flakked
Flag for PL Trymbi

Logo for Team Vitality

Flag for KR Photon
Flag for LT Lyncas
Flag for FR Vetheo
Flag for CZ Carzzy
Flag for BG Hylissang


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