The organizers begin warming the interest for the championship DreamHack Masters, which starts at the end of April. First of all, they announced the prize pool of 250 thousand US dollars.

The sum is similar to the last season's one but advertisers who are directly interested in interesting battles and the public's attention promise to give participants some money.

While the organizers keep the main intrigue of the tournament in secret - the format of the competition. There are glimmers of hope that it will be offline. Despite the European lockdown issues, there are the perspectives that the event will be hosted face-to-face. They were successfully held in Malta where all security measures were followed.

The tournament DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 will be hosted in the format of the group tournament and the further playoffs. All matches will be hosted in the GSL format in the group stage. The first matches will be played on one map and then, there will be the familiar bo3 format. Sixteen teams will be randomly divided into two groups with eight teams in each one. The clubs to hold the first three places will continue competing in the playoffs. The first two group winners will proceed to the semi-finals and the 2nd-3rd places will deal between themselves in the quarterfinals. What is more, the second places will have the higher seeding.

It is worth talking about the favorites of the upcoming competition to evaluate the teams' perspectives. Experts determine three esports club, which will have the best chances to reach the grand final:

  • NaVi;
  • Virtus.Pro;
  • Gambit.

Let's find out in what mood the favorites are preparing for the upcoming competition.

Logo for Natus Vincere NaVi

Spring is passing under the sign of the release of the documentary about the team NaVi on one of the streaming channels. But the viewers' and fans' opinions were divided when it came to the movie. However, the club is confidently following its way in the season 2021. But "The Born to Win" had a few hard losses in February.

NaVi received a lesson of shooting from Gambit twice. In the second match, Natus Vincere wanted to win the rematch so much that they just burned out. Egor Vasilev and Oleksandr Kostyliev demonstrated a low level of shooting, there was no synergy.

NaVi achieved victory at the January Global Finals and earned 600 thousand dollars of prize money. Then, they prevailed in the group at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021 feeling ambitious, and then, they became only fifth at IEM Katowice 2021.

Logo for Virtus.Pro

"The bears" safely moved from online to offline and worked well at IEM Katowice, having lost to Gambit in the finals with a score of 1:3. But even the failure was profitable – Jame and the teammates became richer and earned 180 thousand dollars. The team had spent cs_summit well before Katowice, having prevailed without making special efforts against all status opponents. That success brought 100 thousand dollars.

"The bears" perform unstably. After the five matches at ESL Pro League Season 13, Virtus.Pro placed third in the standings with 9 points. However, it was enough to make it to the playoffs of the tournament.

It is worth noticing the individual success of one of the Virtus.Pro players. The Latvian shooter Mareks Gaļinskis took the title of the best player in the group stage with the highest rating of 1.34. Mareks even managed to get ahead of Oleksandr Kostyliev.

Logo for Gambit Esports Gambit

It is not worth writing off Gambit, which blew up the rating, having won IEM Katowice sensationally. The success allowed them to bring 400 thousand dollars of prize money to the club's pocket. Now, the players of the team are just on fire. They passed the group stage of ESL Pro League without a single loss. They beat the strong NaVi, Furia, and the daring MIBR.

It is obvious that their chances to succeed at Dreamhack Masters 2021 are very high. The team reached the top of its gaming shape and it will be unable to lose it until May.