PGL have just announced that they will be hosting the first Counter-Strike Major in 2 years at the end of this year and we have all of the details they revealed about it so far.

NOTE: PGL have said that the tournament will only go ahead if all safety conditions to hold live competitive events are met by that time.

The CSGO Major circuit will be heading to Stockholm, Sweden for it's 16th tournament - specifically the Ericsson Globe. This might be their dues for losing The International 2020 for DOTA 2 due to a COVID-based postponement.

The tournament is scheduled to take place between October 23rd through to November 7th and the exact format isn't known yet - but it is likely to mirror closely the format that Valve released early last year. What we do know is that the prizepool has been increased to $2million, the largest in CSGO history.

Valve gave a us a hint at the format of the qualifying events in their blog post:

Twenty-four teams will battle for their share of a $2,000,000 prize pool. Those teams will be identified through a series of Regional Major Ranking (RMR) events throughout the year, initially taking place online and culminating in at least one offline RMR per region prior to the Major. We’ll provide more detail about 2021 RMR events soon.

Back in 2017 PGL hosted the Kraków Major and it was a hit with the first ever 1080p 60fps stream - this year they look to one-up themselves and are planning on streaming in 4K 60fps quality.

Silviu Stroie, the CEO of PGL commented:

First of all, my colleagues and I are passionate fans of CS. We grew up and watched this game getting bigger and bigger, just at the same pace as our development as a company. We have timeless memories with our past Counter-Strike shows, and, honestly, we owe a lot to this game, as players and as a company. We believe that this community deserves the best product this franchise has ever seen. Our goal is to celebrate the game in the best way possible, and we will work hard for this

More information about the format, tickets, talent line-up, and much more will be available later on, closer to the event.