The BLAST Premier Spring Regular Season has concluded and we saw Team Liquid being the only American team to place high and earn a spot in the American Finals. Now it is time for the American Showdown with 6 remaining teams fighting for 3 spots alongside Team Liquid.

Logo for FURIA eSports FURIA Esports (1st in Group A)

FURIA where the absolute favorites coming into BLAST Premier Spring Showdown for the American teams and according to SBD, the team with the best odds of taking home the prize pool. When you look at their recent history you can see why; 2nd in the ESL One Road to Rio, 3rd in ESL Pro League Season 11, and 2nd at DreamHack Open Anaheim. Coming in to BLAST they have all the momentum and want to finally get that trophy instead of a top 4 performance.

Logo for MIBR MIBR (2nd in Group A)

MIBR have been having a rough few months and have found themselves in the Brazilian shadow of FURIA, for the first time they are not on the pedestal. They had been able to get a 2nd place in FLASHPOINT Season 1, but we it came to tournaments such as ESL Pro League Season 11 and ESL One: Road to Rio, they fell short from a podium finish. That may have ignited a fire under MIBR, because they have come out of the gates strong in this tournament and even managed to slay the beast of FURIA.

Logo for Gen.G Gen.G Esports (3rd in Group A)

This team has come out nowhere to be a pretty strong competitor. On paper Gen.G has talent in spades and we are finally seeing it on the server as well now. If we talk about FURIA's top fours, we need to talk about Gen.G's first places - both ESL One Road to Rio and DreamHack Open Anaheim. There was a few chinks in the armor at FLASHPOINT that were exploited by the likes of Cloud9 and MIBR, but we have yet to see if they have patched those up.

Logo for Triumph Triumph (1st in Group B)

With parallels to Chaos, Triumph have also had a major shake-up in recent months with the addition of Shakezullah from Chaos ESC, Grim from Bad News Bears, curry from Under 21, and Junior from Recon 5. No one expected anything from Triumph and in their first game they knocked Cloud9 over with a 16-13 victory and people started to listen. Then they took 100T to the limit and caused a tie and even defeated Evil Geniuses - now it is time to see what they can do in the playoffs.

Logo for Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses (2nd in Group B)

Evil Geniuses have swapped their coach from ImAPet to zews (ex-MIBR), but I don't know if that is enough to break their streak of bad results. Outside of a 2nd place finish in ESL Pro League Season 11, they have failed to get higher than 7th place in the 4 tournaments they have participated in 2020. At BLAST Premier Spring Showdown we have seen a rejuvenated EG and one that looks like it can actually do some damage. They are not quite at the level they used to be, but they are better than they were.

Logo for Cloud9 Cloud9 (3rd in Group B)

If 100T's stock is declining, then Cloud9 is on the rise. Cloud9 have had strong results in American competitions in 2020 and solidified themselves as one of the top American teams. They were not quite able to capture FLASHPOINT Season 1, but we saw some of their best play coming from that tournament. So far in the Group Stages, Cloud9 was lucky to make it into the playoffs and I don't expect them to last much longer.