The top eight teams from across China, East Asia, SouthEast Asia, and the Middle East came together to see who would reign supreme in the Asia region on the Road to Rio. We are down to four and Esports Kingdom takes a look at who has the best chance to get the victory.

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Logo for Vici Gaming ViCi Gaming (1st in Group A)

ViCi Gaming has been quietly climbing up the ranks into the top spot for the Asia region. They recently netted a B-Tier spot in the Asia-Pacific section of our CSGO Tier Rankings alongside TYLOO. ViCi were able to topple TYLOO twice in grand finals of qualifiers, first in the Asian Qualifier for IEM Katowice and then again in the Chinese Closed Qualifier for the Rio Major.

Logo for TIGER TIGER (2nd in Group A)

The Mongolian squad, headlined by former-Grayhounds player erkaSt, have proved themselves to be the top team in the region. Alongside D13, they have ran over everyone else in the Mongolian events, but when it comes to more general Asia-Pacific events TIGER have struggled as or late to get on the podium with loses against the likes of Lucid Dream, ZIGMA, Invictus Gaming, and Rising-Stars.

Logo for D13 D13 (1st in Group B)

The other top team from Mongolia, D13, managed to defeat TYLOO 2-0 (16-13, 16-10) and seem to be in a strong position so far in this tournament. D13 have struggled to cement much of a legacy so far with mostly local tournaments on their track-record, but they are making a break for it now and are proving themselves against the top teams in the Asia region.

Logo for TYLOO TYLOO (2nd in Group B)

There was a time when we wouldn't even need to write this article because it would be a foregone conclusion that TYLOO would win it all, but that is no longer the case. TYLOO again shuffled their roster in April with bringing in SLOWLY and DANK1NG for xeta and Freeman. They are still a strong team in the region, but I don't believe they are the strongest anymore.

Semifinal Match-ups

We get two regional clashes in the semifinals with The Battle of China and The Battle of Mongolia.

  D13  vs.  TIGER  

In head-to-head TIGER/AUGUST have won 6 of the last 7 maps between these teams, most recently in the East Asia Closed Qualifier for the Rio Major 2-1 (19-17, 10-16, 19-15). Taking a look at the betting odds on we see that TIGER is the favorite and I have to agree with that. Overtime is definitely on the cards when these two team fight once more in a best-of-three and this match should go all three maps.

  Vici Gaming  vs.  TYLOO  

Recently ViCi has ascended into that top spot in the Asia region and I think they can hold onto that even when going up against the former kings in TYLOO. The odds on are split right down the middle with some websites favoring TYLOO and some favoring ViCi. This will once again be a close match and go all three maps and will cement a top team for the country.