Today HellRaisers, who had benched their entire roster back in April, announce their new 5-man team that they will use as early as tomorrow for ESEA MDL Season 34. It includes Flarich coming back off the bench, a Major veteran, 2 Russians, and a Lithuanian.

Earlier in April, a number of players decided to leave HellRaisers and some were placed on the bench. ANGE1, who had been with the organisation since 2014, was the most shocking exit of the team. Alongside him, crush and nukkye also entered free-agency and left the HellRaisers organization. This left them with AiyvaN and Flarich, who were both moved to the bench.

Today HellRaisers roars back to life. The first move is to bring Flarich back from the bench onto the active team, but to leave AiyvaN there for the meantime.

The next player to join Flarich in this new looking HellRaisers is Major veteran jR. jR played in the PGL Krakow Major (15th-16th), ELEAGUE Boston Major (9th-11th), FACEIT London Major (12th-14th), and the IEM Katowice Major (20th-22nd) with the Vega Squadron. In August of last year Vega Squadron exited Counter-Strike and jR has been floating around in teams such as es4x and fbgaming.

When jR was floating on those past two teams, ex4x and fbgaming, he would have come across Lithuanian kAliNkA who also links up under the HellRaisers banner.

The final two members of the squad are 21 year old ProbLeM from Revolt and 21 year old JIaYm from S-Gaming. Both teams are fairly unproven and have produced unfavorable results in the recent ESL One Rio Major CIS Closed Qualifier, with Revolt failing in the Open Qualifier stage.

The current HellRaisers squad is:

  • Flarich
  • jR
  • kAliNkA
  • ProbleM
  • JIaYm
  • TsaGa (Coach)