BLAST Rising is a 16-team online tournament, based out of Europe, that is aimed at the up-and-coming teams trying to make a splash. These teams will play 55 matches across two weeks for the chance to win their chunk of the €30,000 prizepool.

Nicolas Estrup, Director of Product and Experience of BLAST, spoke about the new tournament:

At BLAST we love the elite and allow everyone to be a part of Premier through the Qualifier Series and the Race to the Global Final, but have created BLAST Rising to support teams and players at all stages of their careers. By giving teams and players more opportunity and exposure in the way only BLAST can, we want BLAST Rising to be a platform that drives forward their personal and team growth.

Justyna Oracz, Head of Communications of Fantasyexpo, also commented on BLAST Rising:

BLAST Rising tournament will be an amazing experience for esports fans as well as the players, who will participate in . The structure of the tournament is organised in a way so it can provide a lot of emotions from the first matches until the very final. Mixing the teams from different HLTV levels will spice things up and allow lower ranked teams to fight with those better than them, which can bring a lot of surprises and game-changing action. I am very happy that we are organizing this tournament together with BLAST.

The Teams

The team list is made up of 15 teams that don't feature in our Counter-Strike Tier Rankings and then the early favourites - HAVU Gaming.

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  • Logo for Apeks Apeks
  • Logo for AVEZ AVEZ
  • Logo for Endpoint Endpoint
  • Logo for FATE Esports FATE Esports
  • Logo for Giants Gaming Giants Gaming
  • Logo for HAVU Gaming HAVU Gaming
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  • Logo for Movistar Riders Movistar Riders
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  • Logo for Team Secret Team Secret
  • Logo for Tricked Esport Tricked Esport

The team that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest from this field is the Finnish team of HAVU, who recently claimed 3rd place in FLASHPOINT Season 1. The next best teams with a chance will be Team Heretics and the Movistar Riders, who are both currently competing in the European Road to Rio tournament.

The Format & Dates

The tournament will run for two weeks from the 4th May until the 22nd May. During these two weeks the teams will play in 48 best-of-ones and 7 best-of-threes to determine which teams is the best of the bunch.

The group stage will involve the 16 teams being broken down into four groups of four teams each. From there, every team will play every other team in their group in a best-of-one to determine the top two from each group.

The top two teams from each group will then be placed into the quarterfinals where the competition begins with best-of-three series. 4 Quarterfinals, 2 Semifinals, and 1 Grand Final later and one team will stand tall.

How To Watch

Catch BLAST Rising on the BLASTtv Twitch channel when it kicks off in under a week.