"Light Buy" - As the name would suggest, you are not going to be using any rifles this week. The missions revolve around holding on to money, spending as little as possible, and getting kills with cheaper guns like the UMP-45.

Shattered Web Week 15 Challenges:

  • Frugal and Functional (1 Star): Get 10 kills without spending over $2000 in Casual: Defusal Group Delta
  • Let's Get This Bread (1 Star): Hold $3000 or more in Danger Zone
  • Humble Beginnings (2 Stars): Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Mirage
  • Installment Plan (2 Stars): Get 25 kills in Guardian: Overpass
  • At Arm's Length (3 Stars): Get 20 kills with any SMG in Arms Race
  • Started from the Bottom (3 Stars): Get 200 kills with the UMP-45 in Deathmatch: Dust II
  • Good luck in your Shattered Web challenges this week!