"Maximum Impact" - There is a real mix of mission this week in Operation Shattered Web. We have some about getting MVP awawrds in Competitive, one about kill-streaks in Casual, and one about getting a single kill with the Glock...

Shattered Web Week 12 Challenges:

  • Down and to the Right (1 Star): Get 5 kills with the Galil AR or FAMAS in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma
  • To Scope or Not to Scope (1 Star): Get 15 SG 553 kills in Guardian: Agency
  • Choo Choo! (2 Stars): Get 1 kill with the Glock-18 in Competitive: Train
  • How Rude... (2 Stars): Destroy 2 enemy drones in Danger Zone
  • Plant, or Do It the Hard Way (3 Stars): Earn 3 MVPs in a single Competitive: Inferno match
  • Not so Fast (3 Stars): Get a kill streak of 2 or more in 5 rounds in Casual: Defusal Group Delta
  • Good luck in your Shattered Web challenges this week!