The following article is unconfirmed and the combination of facts and observations. What we do know is that Hatz has left ORDER - that has been announced by both the organization and Hatz himself - and that there has been movements in the Renegades camp to indicate that might be where he is heading.

Hatz leaving ORDER

Yesterday ORDER announced that Hatz would be leaving the organization with a large blog post. He was one of the founding members of the ORDER Counter-Strike team and has played with them for almost 2 years.

This was followed up by Hatz himself making comment via a Twitlonger, indicating that it was an amicable break-up and that both parties wish each other well in their future endeavors.

Renegades ESEA Roster

This morning Reddit user Total_Tophat noticed that there were some changes to the Renegades ESEA roster. ESEA rosters have been a pretty credible source for previous roster leaks as teams get set up for the next season.

Screenshot of the Renegades ESEA roster page
Screenshot of the Renegades ESEA roster page

This shows that both Hatz has been added and paid his fees, but also that DickStacy hasn't paid his league fees yet. This isn't confirmation in any way, but it is a pretty good indication. If you have 5 players on a roster all paid up and ready to go (mrgrayhound is the manager for Renegades) that the sixth player may be left out in the rain.

If this move is confirmed, the Renegades roster would consist of:

  • Chris 'dexter' Nong
  • Liam 'malta' Schembri
  • Simon 'Sico' Williams
  • Joshua 'INS' Potter
  • Jordan 'Hatz' Bajic

Australia is burning

This last part isn't esports, but it is very important.

If you don't know by now, Australia is currently on fire and in need of help. @alyciamrgan on Twitter compiled a list of charities that are helping the firefighters, wildlife, and people affected by these fires, I have incldued all of the links below. If you are in the position to do so, I would urge you to donate and help the country that is right now in a crisis.

  • Donate to the RFS in NSW: Donations to the Rural Fire Service in NSW directly benefit the volunteer firefighters.
  • Donate to the Country Fire Authority in Victoria: The Country Fire Authority has two bank accounts: one for specific brigades, and one for the general fund.
  • Donate to the Rural Fire Brigades Association in Queensland: You can donate or by calling 1300 663 539, with funds going to “provide the services, tools and resources” the rural firefighters need..
  • Donate to the Country Fire Service in South Australia: Unlike some other states, there is no $10 minimum. The Country Fire Service also accepts bequests, if you were thinking long term.
  • Donate to the Red Cross: The Australian Red Cross is helping support those affected by bushfire, including by providing psychosocial support to people, distributing food and water in Victoria, and greeting people evacuated by air and sea.
  • Donate to FoodBank Victoria: FoodBank Victoria is providing food hampers, water and snacks to both firefighters and those stranded due to bushfire. You can donate online or by calling 03 9362 8388.
  • Donate to WIRES: They rescue injured, sick or orphaned wildlife. WIRES are busier than ever before: due to the drought and bushfire crisis, they received more 20,000 calls to WIRES in December 2019 alone, and attended more than 3,300 rescues.
  • Donate to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital: As many as 350 koalas have perished with approximately 75% of the fireground footprint being prime koala habitat.
  • And professional Counter-Strike player DickStacy is also auctioning some player jerseys to raise money for the Australian Red Cross.