"Just Having a Good Day" - It is time to hit some nutty shots as this weeks Operation Shattered Web missions all focus on headshots in Guardian, Wingman, and Casual as well as MVPs in Competitive, placing well in Danger Zone, and kill-streaks in Deathmatch.

Shattered Web Week 9 Challenges:

  • On a Roll (1 Star): Get a kill streak of four or more in Deathmatch: Dust II
  • On the Podium...ish (1 Star): Place fourth or better in Danger Zone
  • One Taps (2 Stars): Get 15 USP-S headshot kills in Guardian: Mirage with no armor
  • Qué Ota? (2 Stars): Get 5 headshot kills with the Desert Eagle in a single Casual: Dust II match
  • Take Your Time (3 Stars): Get 5 headshot kills in Wingman
  • Overachiever (3 Stars): Earn 5 MVPs in Competitive matches
  • Good luck in your Shattered Web challenges this week!