"Raw Athleticism" - We are almost finished with this operation, but the challenges keep coming out. This weeks we have to get Knife Kills in Arms Race, Utility Damage in Competitive, Aces in Wingman, Default Pistol Kills in Deathmatch, and more.

Shattered Web Week 10 Challenges:

  • Practice Makes Perfect (1 Star): Get 15 default pistol kills in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta
  • Solid Fundamentals (1 Star): Get 20 M4A1-S kills in Guardian: Canals
  • Pick-Up Game (2 Stars): Get 5 kills with an enemy's primary rifle in Casual: Dust II
  • Man-To-Man (2 Stars): Get 3 knife kills in Arms Race
  • Dropping Bombs (3 Stars): Deal 100 utility damage in Competitive
  • There's Only I in Team (3 Stars): Earn 5 aces in Wingman
  • Good luck in your Shattered Web challenges this week!