"Sniper's Den" - This week the new Shattered Web Operation challenges are focused on the maps Train and Cobblestone, as well as the AWP and SSG 08. What do you have to do? Well, we can tell you that! and then you can get to unlocking everything.

Shattered Web Week 4 Challenges:

  • Scope It Out (1 Star): Get 10 kills with the AWP in Casual: Defusal Group Sigma
  • Take an Off-Angle (1 Star): Get 5 kills while you are airborne in Flying Scoutsman
  • Heaven Help Us (2 Stars): Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Train
  • Tower Defense (2 Stars): Get 20 SSG 08 or MAG-7 kills in Guardian: Cobblestone
  • Through the Looking Glass (3 Stars): Get 20 SSG 08 kills in a single Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta match
  • Scouting Mission (3 Stars): Get 5 SSG 08 kills in Danger Zone
  • Good luck in your Shattered Web challenges this week!