Thanks to a hidden image on the ESL Pro Tour website and a few extra pieces of hidden information, we know the locations for every single ESL Pro Tour event in 2020. Images, proof, and all of the details are inside!

Esports Kingdom reached out to ESL for comment on Sunday night. Since then, the hidden elements have been removed from the webpages, but as of time of publication ESL haven't confirmed or denied the accuracy and have not provided comment on the matter.

If ESL provide further comment, we will amend the article to reflect that.

Image hidden on the ESL Pro Tour website
Image hidden on the ESL Pro Tour website

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This hidden image shows the continental location of every Challenger-level and Masters-level event in the ESL Pro Tour for 2020. If we combine this information and the information we discussed in an article we posted a few days ago about the ESL Pro Tour schedule, along with some extra inferences - we get an almost complete picture of the ESL Pro Tour 2020.


  • DreamHack Open Leipzig
  • February

  • DreamHack Open Anaheim
  • March

  • IEM Katowice
  • April

  • An IEM event in Europe
  • I couldn't find any information about a location
  • MDL Season 33 Global Challenge in Europe
  • I couldn't find any information about a location, but Leicester is the only European location used by MDL
  • May

  • ESL One Rio de Janeiro (Spring Major)
  • June

  • DreamHack Masters Jönköping
  • ESL Pro League Season 11 Finals in Dallas
  • The event "Dallas 2020" is also in a hidden element on the ESL Pro Tour website
  • July

  • DreamHack Open Valencia
  • ESL One Cologne
  • August

  • An IEM event in Oceania
  • Most likely in Melbourne because of similarities in dates to ESL-hosted MEO
  • September

  • DreamHack Open Montreal
  • October

  • IEM Chicago
  • u/dabchiken pointed out that ESL have a 3-year deal with the United Center in Chicago
  • DreamHack Open Rotterdam
  • November

  • DreamHack Open Hyderabad
  • A Masters-level event in Asia
  • Most likely the Autumn Major because there isn't room for another Masters-level event in November
  • Most likely a DreamHack Masters event because there is always two and Jönköping stands out as a weird change
  • Most likely in Shanghai because it is hosting a lot of large esports events recently (LoL Worlds 2020, DOTA TI 2019)
  • DreamHack Open Winter
  • December

  • DreamHack Open Sevilla
  • ESL Pro League Season 12 Finals in Europe
  • Most likely in Odense because that is where it has been for Seasons 6, 8, and 10
  • Anything in italics is speculation on my part