There were some delays due to events within New Zealand, but the final few games of LetsPlayLive's CSGO ANZ Championship were played out over the past few weeks and we now know what three teams will be competing in the playoffs.


16 - 13  (Overpass)

Back on the 19th of March the Breakaway squad stepped up to take on the bottom-ranked Genuine. The match wasn't as much as a push-over as they had maybe expected, with Genuine putting up a strong fright on their T-Side to actually win the half 6-9 and put Breakaway on the back foot.

The downfall of Breakaway wasn't finished there as Genuine won the second half pistol and the next 2 rounds. Finally Breakaway dug their heels in and pulled out some close rounds that required a bomb explosion and then seemed to mount a mini-streak for themselves and managed to swing the game back in their favor 13-12.

It was at this point Genuine knew they were not going to lose and pushed through the final 4 rounds thanks to some star performances from Jinxx and upset the Kiwi-owned Breakaway Esports team to pick up their third win in the tournament. Unfortunately it couldn't pull them off the bottom of the table, but they ended on a strong note taking down the playoff-bound Breakaway.

16 - 8  (Nuke)

On March 24th the second-from-bottom team Paradox was matched up against top-ranked Ground Zero. Obviously inspired by the upset that Genuine pulled off, Paradox wanted one of their own and captured the first 6 rounds on CT-side before losing the 7th to Ground Zero. This angered Ground Zero who proceeded to absolutely hammer Paradox into the ground and end the half 8-7 up.

In the second half, Ground Zero moved to the traditionally easier CT-side of Nuke, but immediately fell to the combined power of Noobster, Valiance and sibe who again managed to help Paradox claim the first batch of rounds in the half. A small gleam of light shone on Ground Zero in the 21st round and then it was all downhill from there with Paradox following in Genuine's footsteps and ending on a win.

W - L

Chiefs forfeited, Ground Zero win.

W - L

Chiefs forfeited, AVANT win.

The Playoffs

The Semifinal between Ground Zero and Breakaway will be played off-air with the winner advancing to the Grand Finals to take on AVANT on at on worldwide.


Rank Team Points Matches Match W/L Round W/L Round Diff
1 ( 1) AU flag Avant Gaming 15 (3) 7 5 - 2 75 : 67 8
2 ( 1) AU flag Ground Zero 15 (3) 7 5 - 2 71 : 71 0
3 (NC) AU flag Breakaway Esports 12 (0) 7 4 - 3 88 : 84 4
4 (NC) AU flag Athletico 12 (0) 7 4 - 3 83 : 81 2
5 ( 1) AU flag Paradox 12 (3) 7 4 - 3 68 : 74 -6
6 ( 1) AU flag Chiefs Esports Club 9 (0) 7 3 - 4 50 : 39 11
7 (NC) AU flag Genuine Gaming 9 (3) 7 3 - 4 69 : 88 -19