Jamie got to interview Kiara ‘milk’ Makua from the Intel Challenge Katowice winning Dignitas. They covered the tournament, the female professional scene and what is next for Dignitas.

Jamie: Jamie here with milk from Dignitas, the winners of the Intel Katowice Challenge. How has Katowice been treating you, other than the tournament?

Dignitas milk: It's been awesome. We came here last year and we're pretty comfortable, we were feeling really good last year and won and we felt really confident this year and won again.

You guys had one minor stumble against Assassins on the way to that win. How did you bounce back from that to go on and beat the teams that you did along the way?

We bounced back by really just convincing ourselves that we're the best team here, and we play against competitive males on a daily basis online, and that this competition is nothing compared to what we faced online.

So along those lines, how do you feel that the scene is progressing for female Counter-Strike as a whole?

I feel like the female scene is definitely growing a lot more for Counter-Strike over the years. I feel like we're really paving that way for all the females to really come together, stick together, and keep going.

With this event behind you now, what is the next big event you guys have planned?

So, the next event that we're going to is CPH, Copenhagen Games, and it's also an all female tournament. So yeah, we're hoping to really get the win there too.

Well, I wish you the best of luck in the future tournaments, and thank you for sitting down with me.

Yeah, thank you.

Interview transcribed by Grady Hooker.