Never a dull week a in the LetsPlayLive CS:GO ANZ Championship, after the departure of Tainted Minds last week, we see a huge game-changing update this week that affect some of the guns as well as how the losing bonus is calculated.


16 - 12  (Mirage)

The opening match pitted the 6th and 7th ranked teams against each other in what would be a jump up the leader-board for one team. If you had tuned out at half-time, you wouldn't have been shamed to expect Genuine to easily take out the win after the dominant 11-4 half on the CT-Side.

Something you wouldn't have accounted for was the strong performances of ADK and Dezibel, both with 2 kills in the pistol round, to begin the comeback. JD and chelleos were also top performers in this comeback dragging their team from being 7 points down and refusing to allow Genuine to get a round. They slipped up on match point when they were 15-11 up and let Genuine take their first round of the half, but as revenge quickly ended the game in the next round 16-12.

16 - 8  (Dust2)

Athletico has just clawed their way through a comeback on Mirage and now they jump over to Dust2 to take on Paradox - does the advantage lie with Athletico with the momentum or Paradox for being fresh? In the opening rounds we were not getting an answer to that question as the teams would trade rounds back and forth. Then on round 6 Athletico began to run away and mounted 6 rounds in a row, as well as the final round of the half to have the score be 10-5.

In the second half it started off just as scrappy again with Athletico winning the pistol round, but losing the follow-up. They only needed 6 rounds to take out the victory and Athletico knew this, so they kicked it into another gear and snuffed out any chance of a comeback, like they had just executed, to close out 16-8 and pick up their second win of the night.

This was Athletico's 7th and final game in the LetsPlayLive CS:GO ANZ Championship, excluding the playoffs. They will end with a 4W-3L record and a round difference of +2.

16 - 12  (Inferno)

Next up it was the undefeated Ground Zero, clearly the favourites heading into the game, going up against the strong AVANT, who has only lost 1 game prior to this. This was a great game with everyone on the server being pretty equal in terms of their performances and after Ground Zero wins the half 9-6, you would have been excused to think that the undefeated streak would continue.

AVANT seemingly had figured out Ground Zero's T-Side after Round 20, which was the last round Ground Zero won, as AVANT pushed through the next 8 rounds capturing win after hard-fought win, 3 of which came down to bomb defusal. AVANT has slayed the Goliath and Ground Zero has fallen to their biggest competition.

19 - 17  (Overpass)

Again we have the tale of momentum vs. a fresh team. This time it looks as though momentum will play the stronger factor as AVANT manage to snap up the first 4 rounds quite easily. From there they only let Breakaway get 5 rounds, closing off any oppruntitty to string rounds together and look quite strong holding down bombsites on their CT-Side.

Before this game, Breakaway Esports have played 4 games in the LetsPlayLive CS:GO ANZ Championship and 50% of them have gone to overtime (Athletico, Ground Zero) - and that would be the fate of this game as well. HaZR steps up big time for his team and Breakaway are able to mirror AVANT's CT-Side and tie the game 15-15 in regulation.

In overtime it wasn't going to be easy and there was no clear leader as both teams were picking up rounds and it seemed destined to go to double-overtime. In round 36 Breakaway got the early man advantage thanks to YDNA and Nosia, then it was systematic with ap0c burning to death in Bank to end the match in Breakaway's favour.


Rank Team Points Matches Match W/L Round W/L Round Diff
1 (NC) AU flag Ground Zero 12 (0) 5 4 - 1 63 : 55 8
1 ( 2) AU flag Avant Gaming 12 (3) 6 4 - 2 75 : 67 8
3 ( 1) AU flag Breakaway Esports 12 (3) 6 4 - 2 75 : 68 7
4 ( 2) AU flag Athletico 12 (6) 7 4 - 3 83 : 81 2
5 ( 3) AU flag Chiefs Esports Club 9 (0) 5 3 - 2 50 : 39 11
6 ( 1) AU flag Paradox 9 (0) 6 3 - 3 52 : 66 -14
7 (NC) AU flag Genuine Gaming 6 (0) 6 2 - 4 53 : 75 -22

How to watch

Tune in every at on SKY Sport in New Zealand and worldwide.

The Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be played live from the LetsPlay.Live studios in Auckland, New Zealand on and respectively. Also, if you live in New Zealand, you can attend the Grand Finals live at the SKYCITY Theatre in the Auckland CBD. More details coming soon.