LetsPlay.Live kicked off their CSGO ANZ Championship yesterday staring 8 of the best teams across Australia and New Zealand. The first week of competition saw a rematch of the 2018 grand final with the champions Chiefs taking on the runner-ups Tainted Minds.


16 - 10

In 2018 these two teams fought in the Grand Final of the LPL Pro CS:GO ANZ Invitational which saw the Chiefs squad take out the first two maps 16-12 and 16-6 and easily slide into a overall victory to raise the trophy. Since then Chiefs eSports Club player Sam 'flickz' Jones chose to retire and they found a suitable replacement in Peter 'BL1TZ' Athanasatos who had just been dropped, along with the rest of the squad, from Legacy Esports in January.

Early on it looked to be a repeat of last year with Chiefs kicking the match off to a strong start by going 8-0 up on the T-Side of Overpass, largely due to the heroics of Texta who had a dominating performance. USTILO and the rest of Tainted Minds tried to mount a comeback and managed to win the second half pistol round and get the score almost in their favor at 10-8, but in the end the Chiefs was the stronger team on the day and began to regain momentum to pick up the last 6 rounds they needed for victory.

16 - 9

It was a game of momentum on Train with AVANT taking the first 3 rounds, Genuine taking 5, AVANT taking 6 and then Genuine fighting for the last round of the half to leave them 9-6 down after their CT-Side. With Train being as CT-Sided as it is the writing was on the wall from the start of the second half and AVANT claiming the pistol round just cemented the result as AVANT finished off Genuine in Round 25.

16 - 1

In the most one-sided match of the week the Kiwi-based team of Breakaway Esports started off strong capturing the first 7 rounds on Overpass before finally dropping one to Paradox, despite some attempted heroics from Andrew 'YDNA' Adams. That one round that Paradox picked up would be the last as Breakaway got their momentum back and continued to steamroll right through the second pistol and finish out the game only dropping 1 round.

16 - 9

This match wasn't as much of a stomp as the scoreline would suggest. Ground Zero and Athletico were trading rounds for most of the first half, unfortunately for Athletico a lot of close rounds fell on the side of Ground Zero and they managed to finish the half at 10-5. Ground Zero then switched over to the T-Side on Cache, picked up the pistol round, and despite a bit of a slip, looked stronger than ever to close out the game with a win.


Rank Team Matches Match W/L Round W/L Round Diff
1 AU flag Breakaway Esports 1 1 - 0 16 : 1 15
2 AU flag Ground Zero 1 1 - 0 16 : 9 7
2 AU flag Avant Gaming 1 1 - 0 16 : 9 7
4 AU flag Chiefs Esports Club 1 1 - 0 16 : 10 6
5 AU flag Tainted Minds 1 0 - 1 10 : 16 -6
6 AU flag Genuine Gaming 1 0 - 1 9 : 16 -7
6 AU flag Athletico 1 0 - 1 9 : 16 -7
8 AU flag Paradox 1 0 - 1 1 : 16 -15

How to watch

Tune in every at on SKY Sport in New Zealand and Twitch.tv/LetsPlayLive worldwide.

The Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be played live from the LetsPlay.Live studios in Auckland, New Zealand on and respectively.