We head to North America to start the beginning of the end of our Road to the Major series. Our first team from the North American Minor is Rogue. The team has been under the guidance of veteran Spencer 'Hiko' Martin since August 2017.

  • Daniel 'vice' Kim
  • Spencer 'Hiko' Martin
  • Casper 'cadiaN' Møller
  • Hunter 'SicK' Mims
  • Ricardo 'Rickeh' Mulholland
Rogue's player's history at the CSGO majors
Rogue's player's history at the CSGO majors

North American Closed Qualifier

Rogue was directly invited to the Closed Qualifier.

Their first match was against FREE 35. They won Inferno 16-11 and rolled on Overpass 16-2.

They then met with eUnited for match 2. Rogue won a close 14-16 game on Nuke, then again steamrolled their opponent on Overpass, 4-16.

In the 3rd round, they faced NRG. They won a close first map on Dust II 16-14. They proceeded to lose the next two maps(Overpass and Cache) by identical 10-16 scores.

Rogue finally qualified for the Minor in the 4th round against Ghost. They won both Cache and Overpass by matching 8-16 scores.

Americas Minor

Group Stage

Rogue was placed in Group B of the Minor with compLexity Gaming, Team Dignitas, and Furia eSports. They started with a 16-10 Dust II win over Dignitas. The first half was close, but Rogue overwhelmed Dignitas with their T side 9-2 in the second half.

Rogue's second match was against compLexity on Inferno. A near even first half transitioned into a close second half for a 13-16 Rogue win to send them to the playoffs.

Upper Bracket Semifinals

Rogue met up with eUnited in the first match of the playoffs. The first map was eUnited's pick of Train, and it did not go well for them. Rogue swept the first half 0-15, but gave up 2 rounds in the second half to fail to get the 0-16.

Rogue chose Overpass for the second map. Eunited took a 10-5 first half lead, and did not slow down, winning the map 16-8. This set up the decider on Inferno.

On Inferno, Rogue jumped out to a 10-5 first half lead on T side. eUnited managed to win 7 rounds in the second half, but it was not enough to put them back in the game. Rogue won the map 12-16 and the match 1-2 to head to the Upper Bracket Final.

Upper Bracket Final

In the Upper Bracket Final they had a rematch against compLexity. The first map was compLexity's pick of Mirage. Both teams managed to win their CT side 9-6 and 6-9, sending the map to overtime. In overtime though, Rogue won 4 of 5 rounds to win the map 19-16.

Dust II was Rogue's choice, but the first half was closer than the previous map, with Rogue barely pulling ahead 8-7. On T side in the second half, Rogue only dropped 4 rounds, winning the game 16-11 and the match in a 2-0 sweep. This sent them to the Grand Final where they awaited the result of the Lower Bracket Final, and secured their ticket to the New Challengers Stage of the Major.

On Inferno ENCE jumped out to a 9-6 first half lead, but they would not be able to translate that into a victory. OpTic performed very well on T side and won 10 of 12 rounds to win the map 11-16 and take the match 1-2, advancing to the Grand Final and securing their place at the New Challengers Stage of the Major.

Grand Final

The Grand Final was yet another rematch of compLexity and Rogue. They started on Mirage, once again picked by compLexity. This time the first half was one-sided, with Rogue only managing to win 3 rounds. CompLexity quickly closed out the second half in only 4 rounds to win 3-16.

Map 2 took place on Dust II again. This time, compLexity took another commanding lead 4-11. Rogue made a valiant come back, winning 10 rounds, but were not able to win the map, falling 14-16, and being swept out of the Grand Final.

Rogue's American player SicK, at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals
Rogue's American player SicK, at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals (Image by HLTV.org)

Year to Date

Rogue was a relatively unknown team until late 2017, and did not start to show up in smaller International LANs until 2018. The peak of their play so far was a 2nd place finish at Dreamhack Open Austin where they beat OpTic, Fragsters, and Space Soldiers, but lost to Space Soldiers in the Grand Final 1-2.

Player to Watch

Hunter 'SicK' Mims

He is the youngest player on the Rogue roster, and one of the young talents of the North American scene. He has already been to the Challengers Stage with Misfits, but he did not perform particularly well. He needs he can go toe to toe with the best to propel his team to the Legends Stage.