Our Road to the Major series ends in North America with compLexity. The core of the team has been together since July 2017, but both Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz and Shahzeeb 'ShahZaM' Khan joined this April.

  • Rory 'dephh' Jackson
  • Brad 'ANDROID' Foder
  • Jacob 'yay' Whiteaker
  • Peter 'Stanislaw' Jarguz
  • Shahzeeb 'ShahZaM' Khan
compLexity's player's history at the CSGO majors
compLexity's player's history at the CSGO majors

North American Closed Qualifier

compLexity was directly invited to the Closed Qualifier.

In their first match of the qualifier, they were matched up against Team Mythic. They swept the match 2-0 with a 16-11 win on Nuke and a 16-8 win on Train.

They proceeded to draw Dignitas for their second match. Again, they swept the match 2-0, winning 16-6 on Inferno and 16-8 on Mirage.

CompLexity punched their ticket to the Minor by sweeping Ghost in their third match. They won on Mirage 8-16 and on Inferno 10-16.

Americas Minor

Group Stage

compLexity Gaming was placed in Group B along with Rogue, Team Dignitas, and Furia eSports. Their first match had them face FURIA, and they won 16-7 on Cache behind a strong 11-4 CT side.

In their second match, they lost to Rogue on Inferno, 13-16. Both halves wre close, but compLexity could not pull out the win.

The third match was a Best of 3 against Dignitas. The first map was Dust II and the teams traded 9 round wins T side. However, compLexity eventually won in overtime 19-16.

Mirage was one sided from the start. CompLexity took the first half 14-1, and then the next two rounds in the second half to secure their spot in the playoffs, 16-1 and 2-1.

Upper Bracket Semifinals

compLexity's first match in the playoffs came against NRG Esports. They chose Cache to start the match, but NRG managed to squeak out an 8-7 first half lead. In the second half though, it was all NRG. CompLexity fell 16-8 on their own map pick.

Map 2 was Train as chosen by NRG. Both halves were nearly dead heats, trading 7-8 scoelines. In overtime, it took all 6 rounds, but compLexity ultimately took the map 17-19, sending the match to Inferno for the decider.

On Inferno, it again started out with a 7-8 scoreline, this time in favor of compLexity. However, like the first map for NRG, the second half quickly turned in their favor. They ultimately won the map 8-16 and the match 1-2.

Upper Bracket Final

CompLexity had a rematch with Rogue in the UB Final. The first map was compLexity's pick of Mirage, and both teams looked more comfortable on CT, winning 9 rounds each on that side. In Overtime, it was Rogue who came out ahead, winning 19-16.

Map 2, Dust II, was Rogue's pick. A short lead followed the end of the first half for Rogue, 8-7. In the second half, they pulled ahead more, ultimately relegating compLexity to the Lower Bracket 16-11.

Lower Bracket Final

After losing the rematch with Rogue, compLexity had another rematch with eUnited. Inferno was compLexity's choice for map 2. compLexity took a 9-6 lead in the first half. Though the second half went in compLexity's favor, winning 16-10.

Map 2 was Mirage as chosen by compLexity. They again took a 9-6 lead behind strong T side play, and ultimately won 16-7 to sweep their way into the Grand Final against none other than Rogue.

Grand Final

The Grand Final was yet another rematch of compLexity and Rogue. It started again on Mirage, again picked by This time it was completely lopsided with compLexity winning 2-13 in the first half, and winning the map 3-16 overall.

Rogue chose Dust II for their map. On it, they lost all but four of the first half rounds, but then mounted a comeback in the second half. They just couldn't close the gap, and ended up losing to compLexity 14-16 in a 0-2 sweep.

compLexity's American player SicK, at Fragadelphia 12
compLexity's American player SicK, at Fragadelphia 12 (Image by HLTV.org)

Year to Date

compLexity fell from relevance for quite some time until reemerging late in 2017. In 2018 they have started to slowly emerge from obscurity, but still have not shown any super high placements in LANs.

Player to Watch

Jacob 'yay' Whiteaker

He is another of the North American young guns to watch this Challengers Stage. Unlike SicK he does not have Major experience, so he will need to prove he belongs. This could be his breakout moment, or one that relegates him to relative obscurity.