Just now Breakaway Esports, backed by the NZ Breakers, have unveiled their brand new Counter-Strike team featuring the players from Rise & Grind. The team joins players from the FIFA, TEKKEN and Hearthstone competitive communities in the orange and blue representing Breakaway.

The roster is as follows:

  • Alec 'Noisia' Gulabovski
  • Georgio 'sK' Poumpoulidis
  • Andrew 'YDNA' Adams
  • Cooper 'void' Farrell
  • Stefan 'Lacore' Paunovic

This roster will be representing Breakaway Esports next week in the ESL Australia Pro League, where they currently sit at 4th Place in Group B with a record of 4 wins and 4 loses and are currently on track to remain in the Top 4 and qualify for the LAN Finals in Sydney.

The players from Rise & Grind has been on a hot streak lately in ESL Australia Pro League and AOC CyberGamer Premier League taking down ex-AVANT, Taboo, Emprox and MC all in 2-0 series scores. We look foward to see if they can continue this momentum under the new banner of Breakaway Esports.