The start of the Road to the Major series begins with Chinese org TyLoo. They are the kings of the Chinese scene, however their international success has been limited at best. The current roster, which has been together since January 18th of this year, is as follows:

  • Ke 'Mo' Liu
  • Hui 'DD' Wu
  • Haowen 'somebody' Xu
  • Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
  • Kevin 'xccurate' Susanto
TyLoo's player's history at the CSGO majors
TyLoo's player's history at the CSGO majors

Asia Minor Championship

TyLoo was given a direct invite to the Minor, skipping the China qualifier.

Group Stage

In the Minor, they ended up in Group B with Tainted Minds, Uniquestars, and 5Power Gaming. They opened with a single map (Inferno) against 5Power. Though they struggled on CT in the first half, they dominated on T side, winning 16-11. The next game they played was another single map against Tainted Minds on Mirage. They seemed to take their frustration out on the Australian team, winning 13 rounds on T side in the first half, and winning the game 16-2. This win gave TyLoo first seed out of Group B and a match up with Renegades in the first round of the playoffs.

Upper Bracket Semifinals

The first map of their best of 3 against Renegades was Renegades' pick of Train. Again TyLoo showed weakness in the first half on CT, only winning 3 rounds, but on T side they once more showed dominance. They ultimately came back from 4-11 down to win the map 16-14.

Map 2 was TyLoo's pick of Inferno where they jumped out to an 11-4 lead on CT side. However, they collapsed on T side, leading to Overtime. In overtime, Renegades won 2-4 to take the map 17-19.

The deciding map was Cache, and TyLoo looked week on CT again, but eked out 6 rounds. However, they again managed to dominate on T side, winning the map 16-10 and the match 2-1.

Upper Bracket Decider

TyLoo's next opponent was a rematch against Tainted Minds. And TM picked Cache as the first map. An average first half on CT gave TyLoo a 1 round lead at half. On T side though, TyLoo once more took care of business, taking map 1 16-12

Mirage was TyLoo's pick, and they showed up on it. They performed well on CT, taking 11 rounds, and then finished the match 16-6 to sweep Tainted Minds 2-0.

Grand Final

TyLoo waited for the lower bracket to finish, and the result meant that they would have another rematch, this time with Renegades. Map 1 again was Train picked by Renegades. However, this time the first half was very even, with TyLoo down a round at half. They could not match the magic of the first game on Train against Renegades and only managed 5 rounds on T side, losing the map 12-16.

In another repeat from the first best of 3 with Renegades, TyLoo chose Inferno for map 2. They could not get anything going on T side, losing all but 3 rounds. Then on CT, they managed 5 rounds before Renegades finished the map and match off 8-16 with a straight 2-0 sweep.

Though they lost the Grand Final, a second place finish meant that TyLoo had qualified for the FACEIT London Major New Challengers stage.

TyLoo's in-game leader Mo, at the Asia Minor
TyLoo's in-game leader Mo, at the Asia Minor (Image by

Year to Date

TyLoo has had a good deal of success in the Asia Pacific region, winning many qualifiers and smaller tournaments. In the larger International tournaments, they have not fared so well. They have 2 semifinal appearances in larger international tournaments and 1 grand final appearance this year. However, more of these appearances have come in the summer months.

They have also had to manage part of the year without captainMo, due to an injury that he suffered in a Segway accident. They played with 2 different subs over a roughly 2 month period that included StarSeries & iLeague Season 5.

Player to Watch

Ke ‘Mo’ Liu

During his absence the team’s performance suffered greatly. His play will be the lynchpin to their success or failure. His presence alone was a boost to the team at both the Minor and IEM Shanghai, and when he performed well, the team won.