We continue the Road to the Major series with Renegades. This team qualified through the Asia Minor Championship and has had the same roster since February of this year.

  • Aaron 'AZR' Ward
  • Justin 'jks' Savage
  • Karlo 'USTILO' Pivac
  • Noah 'Nifty' Francis
  • Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad
Renegades' player's history at the CSGO majors
Renegades' player's history at the CSGO majors

Asia Minor Championship

Renegades was given a direct invite to the Minor, skipping the Oceania qualifier.

Group Stage

In the Minor, Renegades started in Group A with SZ Absolute, B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape, and VG.FlashGaming. Their first match was a single map against B.O.O.T on Train. The first half on T side was a little rough, only barely managing to edge out the Singaporeans by 1 round, but the second half on CT was completely different, winning 8 out of 9 rounds to take the first match 16-8. Their second match was against the Japanese team of SCARZ Absolute who had beat V.G.Flash. They played on Dust II and the result was very surprising with SZ Absolute winning each half 8-7 and the game 16-14, thereby securing their spot in the playoffs.

For Renegades, this loss meant the had to play one final match to make it to the Playoffs. This would be a best of 3 rematch with B.O.O.T. Unfortunately for B.O.O.T, this match went horribly right for Renegades. On Dust II, B.O.O.T's map pick, Renegades won 16-5 taking 13 rounds in the first half on T side. On the second map of Cache, Renegades again took 13 rounds in the first half, this time on CT side to cruise to a 16-6 victory, securing their spot in the playoffs, where their first match would be with TyLoo

Upper Bracket Semifinals

Renegades would start the first map of the Best of 3 on T side on Train, Renegades map choice. There they took a commanding 11-4 lead into half. It fell apart in the second half on T side as they only managed 3 rounds and TyLoo won the map 16-14.

The second map, TyLoo's choice of Inferno, started off just the opposite, with TyLoo cruising to an 11-4 CT side lead in the first half. However Renegades pulled it together on CT in the second half to force overtime, where they managed to win 4 of 6 rounds and secure map 2 17-19.

The deciding map as Cache and Renegades again started on T side. They managed to take a respectable 6-9 lead into half, but the second half again was their downfall. They only managed a single round on CT side, losing the map and match 16-10 and 2-1. This sent them into the lower bracket where they would have to fight back up the bracket if they wanted to make the Grand Finals.

Lower Bracket Round 1

In Round 1 they had a rematch against the upstarts of the tournament, SCARZ Absolute. The first map was again Renegades choice, and they took Inferno. Here they completely stomped their opponents 16-2, taking 13 rounds in the first half on CT side.

Map 2 was SCARZ Absolute's pick, and they chose Mirage. Here they showed considerably more fight, barely beating Renegades 7-8 in the first half. They proceeded to win the match by taking 8 of 12 rounds in the second half for a 11-16 score line. This evened the best of 3 up at 1-1 and sent it to the decider map of Cache.

On Cache, Renegades started on T side and took 9 of the first half rounds. The second half on CT side was more dominant, winning 7 of 8. This gave them the map 16-7 and the match 2-1, sending them on to the Lower Bracket Final where they would face fellow Aussies, Tainted Minds.

Lower Bracket Final

Map 1, for the third straight match, was Renegades' pick. They chose Train and easily powered out to a 10-5 T side lead in the first half. The second half on CT was an easy 6-4 win, securing the map 16-9.

Map 2 was Overpass, as picked by Tainted Minds, and again, Renegades jumped out to a first half lead, this time 12-3 on CT side. They proceeded to sweep the remaining 4 rounds in the second half to win the map 16-3 and the match 2-0. This set up a rematch with TyLoo in the Grand Final and secured Renegades a spot in the London Major New Challengers Stage.

Grand Final

The best of 3 rematch with TyLoo began just like the first match did, on Renegades' pick of Train. This time, the first half was much more even, with Renegades managing a slight 7-8 lead. In the second half, on CT side, they managed to win the map by taking 8 of 13 rounds for a 12-16 win.

Map 2 was again a repeat of match 1, with TyLoo choosing Inferno. The tables were turned in this match, as Renegades jumped out to a 3-12 lead on CT side. Though they allowed TyLoo to take 5 rounds in the second half, Renegades was able to take the title with a 16-8 map score and a 2-0 match sweep.

Renegades' Norwegian player jkaem, at ESL One Cologne 2018
Renegades' Norwegian player jkaem, at ESL One Cologne 2018 (Image by HLTV.org)

Year to Date

Renegades has been to many big international tournaments this year, however, they have not showed up the way their fans would hope. They have had minor successes, such as a 5-6th place finish at IEM Sydney and a 5-8th place finish at StarSeries i-League Season 4. Though based in NA, they have been the clear #1 Australian team.

Player to Watch

Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad

jkaem is the man to watch on this this American based, Aussie-dominated roster. The team rarely wins games where he is not playing well, and he has the ability to completely change the complexion of matches with a single round with his lurking style of play often catching opponents off guard. He had 6 4-kills and 19 3-kills during the Asia Minor. Though Justin 'jks' Savage is more consistent than jkaem, jkaem's swings have the ability to win and lost matches for the team. In order for Renegades to advance out of the New Challengers Stage, jkaem must become as consistent as his fellow rifler.