Today we move our Road to the Major series to the European Minor with OpTic Gaming. This entire roster was put together in 2018 between February and April.

  • Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke
  • Rene 'cajunb' Borg
  • Nicklas 'gade' Gade
  • Marco 'Snappi' Pfeiffer
  • Jakob 'JUGi' Hansen
OpTic Gaming's player's history at the CSGO majors
OpTic Gaming's player's history at the CSGO majors

Europe Closed Qualifier

OpTic was given a direct invite to the Closed Qualifier.

OpTic went 3-0 in best of 3's in the swiss system of the Closed Qualifier. Their toughest match of the Qualifier was their first against EURONICS Gaming. It started with a successful 16-2 stomp on Overpass. On Nuke however, they went to double overtime and lost 20-22. They closed out the match on Inferno with a 16-10 win.

In their second match, they faced now defunct Japaleno. OpTic overwhelmed them in both maps, 2-16 on Dust II and 6-16 on Nuke.

Their third match of the Qualifier was against LeftOut. In a 2-0 sweep, OpTic won 6-16 on Mirage and 10-16 on Inferno. This sweep clinched OpTic's spot in the Minor.

Europe Minor

Group Stage

OpTic started in Group A, being paired with ENCE eSports, 3DMAX, and LeftOut. Their first match was against 3DMAX on Mirage. They won 16-5 behind a very strong 12-3 T side.

Their second match of the group was against ENCE. They played on Train and had a great CT first half, 10-5. They struggled slightly on T side in the second half, but eventually secured the win 16-13 and a spot in the Playoffs.

Upper Bracket Semifinals

OpTic drew Ninjas in Pyjamas in the first round of the playoffs. They chose Nuke as the first map, and won 9-6 in the first half on T side. The second half, they easily closed the map out by winning 7 of 8 rounds and taking the map 16-7.

Map 2 was NiP's choice of Overpass was a much closer affair. Though OpTic took a 10-5 lead on CT side in the first half, they were not able to finish the match in the second half as NiP won 5-10 to send it to OT. NiP then swept all 4 rounds in OT to win the map 15-19 and send the match to a decider map.

The decider took place on Inferno and was the most lopsided map of the match. OpTic destroyed NiP 16-3 to win the match 2-1 and advance in the upper bracket.

Upper Bracket Final

In the Upper Bracket Final they had ENCE. The first map was ENCE's map pick, and they chose Dust II. Behind a 13-2 first half on T side, ENCE easily beat OpTic 16-7.

On Mirage, the second map and OpTic's choice, the fortunes were reversed. OpTic used their strong CT side to take a 2-13 lead into the second half where they swept the remaining 3 rounds to win 2-16. This meant a decider map was required, and that map would again be Inferno.

On Inferno ENCE jumped out to a 9-6 first half lead, but they would not be able to translate that into a victory. OpTic performed very well on T side and won 10 of 12 rounds to win the map 11-16 and take the match 1-2, advancing to the Grand Final and securing their place at the New Challengers Stage of the Major.

Grand Final

The Grand Final saw a rematch of OpTic and NiP. NiP had first map pick and chose Dust II. The first half was close, 7-8 in favor of NiP, but the second half easily went in NiP's favor. They won the second half 1-8 to win the map 8-16.

Map 2 was Nuke, OpTic's pick, and the first half was again close, 6-9 in favor of NiP. However the second map was once again overwhelmingly NiP's. 7 of 8 rounds went NiP's favor in the second half to give them a 7-16 win and 0-2 sweep over OpTic.

OpTic Gaming's Danish player JUGi, at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals
OpTic Gaming's Danish player JUGi, at the ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals (Image by

Year to Date

After OpTic transitioned to being a full Danish team, they have had mixed success. While seeing plenty of success in qualifiers, they have not seen the kind of success they would hope for in larger LANs.

Player to Watch

Jakob 'JUGi' Hansen

JUGi was brought over from Heroic, and has performed well with OpTic since he arrived. Though k0nfig is the obvious pick here, JUGi's performance is more up and down, and therefore more likely to impact the team's success. If he can play well to match k0nfig's lead, the team will perform well.