After the grand finals at the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney tournament, Grady got to sit down with tournament winner fer to talk about SK Gaming's preparation coming into the tournament, hot off a win at cs_summit, and the best-of-five final against FaZe Clan.

Video of Interview with SK Gaming's fer at IEM Sydney
Video of Interview with SK Gaming's fer at IEM Sydney

Grady: So, just first off congratulations - big win here. What was it like, playing in front of that crowd? Quite a loud crowd.

fer: To play with this crowd is always really good. The Australian crowd surprised me a lot, it's like an incredible crowd and they love this game. So we like to play with the crowd and also with the Brazilian support that was really good, even though they are a small crowd they make a lot of noise.

So obviously it was a best-of-five - could get really long if you went all five maps. Do you prefer the best-of-five or a best-of-three for a grand final?

[I] prefer the best-of-five because you can play different maps. Sometimes when it is only best-of-three you might not get really good maps.

If it had gone all five is the team communication still perfectly fine and calm when you are getting to that fifth map or is it starting to get ground down as you start getting a little tired?

Yeah, we are always very calm independant of the map we are always very very calm because any map you can, you know, you can lose, so you have to be calm.

So, before today how much practise did you guys put in specifically for just against FaZe? just for this grand final?

We trained a lot especially FalleN who is the captain. He tried to make a tactic game for [us] to play. So it took us a little bit of time to be ready for this game, but that's normal for every game that we play. So thats pretty much how it works and what we do.

Was there any point during it that you sort of doubted your team and thought maybe FaZe was gonna pull away with it?

I believe a lot of my team no matter how many score they have. So I believe always, we can change the game and we can win.

What's next for SK? Obviously it looks like you guys, from Summit and this event here are starting to get back up to peak performance with felps now in the lineup. What's next? Are you guys upwards from here?

So we are going home now and then after that there is the competition in Dallas (ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals). There is always something on, that's pretty much it.

So do you guys get much downtime between big tournaments or is it just straight to practising and straight back to work?

We don't have many free time, now we going back home and after that we just gonna play online. There is not much time to rest.

So, Australia, Sydney this tournament we just had may have been a new country. Is there any country that you haven't been to yet that you want a big tournament in?

I would like to go to Greece. I think there is a competition going on there (ESG Tour Mykonos 2017), but it is in-between our holidays. So we probably wont play that one, but yeah, I would like to play in Greece.

Thanks a lot man.

Thank you.